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In our English classes, students are required to complete MLA persuasive research papers beginning in the eighth grade. Students are equipped with the necessary information to complete their papers and are given step-by-step instructions, along with mini goals, to keep them on track.
Second-grade Isaiah Koppang is influencing his classmates to read the Bible. Isaiah reports that his dad (Pastor James Koppang) said, in one of his [recent] sermons, to “do something.” Isaiah chose to read the Bible more and to lead others to do the same. During recess, Isaiah and some of his classmates read the Bible instead of playing.
Sam Green and his family moved from Texas to join the World Revival Church congregation. Subsequently, Sam began attending the Academy in the second semester of his junior year of high school. He had planned to attend public school at the beginning of his senior year, but he began to feel at home in WRCA; he enjoyed the community and the close connection that he felt with his classmates.
You may be wondering, what’s so great about Libby Lane Academy? WRCA offers students the opportunity to have a real relationship with God...something truly rare in so many schools in the greater Kansas City area. If you want to send your children to a safe place where they can learn to serve the Lord, WRCA is that place.
In my class we were doing book reports on the genre historical fiction. The book I read was These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder. For the book report we dressed up as the main character in the book. I dressed up as Laura Ingalls Wilder. It ws about a young 16 year old girl who lived in the 1800s and taught school, went to school, and in the end got married to Almanzo Wilder. I really enjoyed reading this book a lot! Above article written by Anna Dykes, 4th-grade student
Our fourth and fifth grade class traveled back in time to the 1600s-1900s when we read historical fiction books. We dressed up as characters from our books and gave oral presentations. Some of the characters we met included Laura Ingalls Wilder, Almanzo Wilder, Mary Ingals, Martha Washington, Otto Frank, Kit Kitteridge, and Isaac Perry. We had fun going back in history and learning about people from the past. Above article written by Connor Jones, 5th grade student
Libby Lane Academy provides a K-12 education that is unlike any other! It is a safe environment for children and teens from any background to receive a world-class education while growing in their relationships with God. Students at WRCA excel in every area of learning, even in areas where they have previously experienced extreme difficulty -- and even failing grades. All of this is because students receive help from caring, godly teachers who help them build solid foundations on Christ.
WRCA chapel is always good, but the morning of November 28 was something special: God's presence was unusually strong, in fact, that I leaned against the wall and wept as His presence enveloped me in a blanket of warmth and overpowering love. There's no place I'd rather be than in His incredibly magnificent presence. Absolutely nothing even vaguely compares to it.
My students had been made aware of the assignment before the start of the school year: Book talks are due October 2. It wasn’t the oral book reports themselves that had the youngsters a bit apprehensive about their performances; it was the prohibition of filler words and the habitual misuse of like, which rides hard and generally unchecked (save in my classroom) throughout the student body—and beyond.
Hands raised and pushing hard, the students cried out in earnest for Jesus. They spoke of their love for Him; they called on Him to come down. They were serious. Clearly, they meant business. They had come to interact with the Lord Himself, and they weren’t going to settle for anything less.