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In the past, a number of our academy seniors have done outstanding jobs of earning substantial scholarships. This year is no different. Alex Haywood (pictured top left) has been awarded several scholarships: a four-year scholarship to Avila University, a four-year Merit Scholarship and a Quest Whole Person scholarship to Oral Roberts University, and a scholarship to Evangel University.
Fiddler on the Roof at Libby Lane Academy, 601 NW Libby Lane, Lee's Summit, MO
It's time again for Libby Lane Academy's annual musical production! This year, our students will be performing the full-length version of Fiddler on the Roof! Dates: Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, March 6 Time: 6:30 P.M. Location: Libby Lane Academy, 601 NW Libby Lane, Lee's Summit, MO TICKET PRICES:
This kindergartener loves being outside on snowy days!
Every year on a snowy day, Miss Oberg arms her kindergarten and first-grade students with magnifying glasses and construction paper. She then marches them outside where they catch snowflakes and examine them under the magnifying glasses. What a fun time of learning!
Libby Lane Pre-School and Montessori students mirror their teacher as they get ready to perform.
Our musical programs are always a hit! Students from our Pre-School Montessori are so entertaining, as well as our elementary through high school students. The talent around here just keeps getting better and better, thanks to Mrs. Deb Alburtus, our musical director, and to our supportive administration. We're super proud of all our students! And we're super proud that Mrs. Alburtus is on our staff! Merry Christms, everyone!
School Spirit Week was a blast! The student body participated in all sorts of fun days that led to Team Day, the last day of the week. On Team Day, the student body was separated into four teams that competed with each other. And the teaching and administrative staffs made up a fifth team. Oh, WOW! What an experience!
Multiple radio and TV stations stations have picked up on our high school choir's performance of the Royals parody (lyrics by Aaron Lage), which was performed with permission at our annual Pie Auction on October 11. The following link is to radio station KCUR's story and the video:
Royals Parody performed by Libby Lane Academy High School Choir:
Our high school choir performed a Royals parody during our annual Pie Auction on Sunday night October 11. The parody is a choir adaptation of the parody written by Aaron Lage and originally performed as a solo by John Long. The students did an awesome job with this! Check it out at this link: (Photo Credit: TORIANO PORTER — Lee's Summit Journal)  
New Libby Lane Academy Students for the 2015-16 school year!
Whoa! Take a look at our new students for the 2015-16 school year! So precious! We are definitely blessed!
Libby Lane Academy Student Accepted by Starlight Stars of Tomorrow for 2015 Season
Libby Lane Academy sophomore Wesley Houts, the student who did such a remarkable job portraying Belle’s dad, Maurice, in Beauty and the Beast, has been offered a position in the cast of the Starlight STARS of Tomorrow training and performance troupe for their 2015 season, besting many talented youth who also auditioned. Here’s what Starlight STARS of Tomorrow has to say about Wesley’s audition:
Samuel Noel as the Beast in Libby Lane Academy's Beauty and the Beast
The high school students of Libby Lane Academy have once again brought the house down with their amazing acting, singing, and dancing abilities! This year's production was Beauty and the Beast, which afforded yet another opportunity for our students to display their many talents.